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Green Fitness and Wellness

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New Patient Appointment + Chiropractic Treatment
Chiropractic Visit
Chiropractic treatment, including adjustment, muscle work, + more!
Prenatal Chiropractic Appt
Chiropractic treatment, including Webster Technique
Pediatric Chiropractic Appt 2 years & under
Cranialsacral therapy. Most common conditions seen latching issues, torticollis, gassiness, colic, lip/tongue ties, excessive spit up, constipation.
Pediatric Chiropractic Appt 3yrs to 12 yrs
The different appointments for ages, is to help us set up the proper equipment in the rooms.
Pediatric Chiropractic Appt 13 yrs to 18 yrs
The ages help us set up the rooms with proper equipment.
Family Chiropractic Appointment: Bring 1-2 members with you
Unsure if you can bring your spouse or child to an appointment too! Sign up here and we can get the entire family adjusted in one appointment.
Come help your legs heal and recovery with NORMATEC. For 15min- 30min you can sit back in a zero gravity chair, relax, and let the compression boots massage your legs.
$15 for 15 min or $25 for 30 min
Telehealth Conference - $50
Telehealth conference calls will help us safely guide you through at home treatment plans and at home care. We are here to answer all your questions.
Personal Training


Kinesis Class
Kinesis Class is a Circuit Training class using the Kinesis Wall. Each exercise can be modified for any fitness level. You will do each station for 1 minute and then rotate. There will be 6 stations in all followed by a 2 minute break.
Peleton Bike
Class on Peleton Bike. Client uses Peleton Classes on Bike. Private.
Peleton Treadmill
Self directed. Private. Use of Peleton Treadmill for running and/or class via monitor.
Field Hockey Conditioning - $1,025
This class is designed to get the most out of your Field Hockey game. We will focus on balance and stability that are sport specific to Field Hockey, as well as specific weight training exercises that are optimal for the sport.
Directions 311 Frederick St, Fredericksburg, VA, United States